Upcoming Events

28th Annual IAOM MEA Conf & Expo 2017

Venue: Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center, UAE
Dates: 22-25 October 2017

For Sponsorship please contact:
Ms. Meriem Karoui,
IAOM MEA Regional Office Manager
Office: +968 2439 8767
Mobile: +968 9936 0236
Email: meriem@iaom-mea.com

Call for Papers:

We invite you to submit your educational, and what’s new papers for the upcoming 28th Annual IAOM MEA Region Conference & Expo.

Your entry should include the following documents:

  • Completed application form – download it from these links PDF file, MS Word file
  • One-page abstract of your proposed presentation explaining why it is important to the millers in Middle East & Africa
  • One-paragraph speaker’s biography
  • One-paragraph company profile

Email your proposals to contact@iaom-mea.com before Friday, 7 April 2017.

NB: Incomplete and/ or late submissions will not be considered.

Presentation Schedule:
Grain Milling Operation & Excellence, Baking & Pastry, Pasta & Semolina Technology, Feed Milling, What’s New, Grain Commodities Trade & Finance presentations will be delivered any time between 23 to 25 October 2017 in Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), UAE.
  • Grain Milling Operation & Excellence*
20-25 minute oral presentation (English)
  • Pasta & Semolina Technology*
20-25 minute oral presentation (English)  
  • Baking & Pastry*
20-25 minute oral presentation (English)  
  • Feed Milling: Add Value to the Bi Product*
20-25 minute oral presentation (English)
  • What’s New Milling Technology
10-minute oral presentation (English)
  • Grain Commodities Trade & Finance*
15-minute oral presentation (English)  
*Each session (comprised of 3-5 presentations) will be followed by a 10-minute panel Q&A session.

*In case speaker needs more presentation time, Education Committee will evaluate and decide depending on the topic.

Important Dates:
7 April 2017 (firm) Deadline for submissions via email
15 May 2017 Announcement of selected papers
16 October 2017 (firm) Deadline to submit PowerPoint presentations to sheena@iaom-mea.com

Final selection of presentations is solely at the discretion of IAOM MEA Education Committee.

Educational presentations should be non-commercial in content and should address flour and feed milling, pasta, baking industry innovations, standards, and trends. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Grain Milling Operation & Excellence:
  • Valued added products from flour mills
  • Importance of Flour Technology in Flour Milling  companies
  • Integrated Flour Milling Operation
  • Flour Mill pest control and fumigation
  • Wheat Flour Specification and Labeling
  • Energy saving in flour milling
  • New milling techniques
  • Flour development as per customer’s  requirements.  
  • Flour Mill Management
  • Food safety in milling
  • Clean label
  • Nanotechnology in milling
Pasta & Semolina Technology:
  • Pasta processing technology
  • Pasta production challenges and food safety
  • Value added products from pasta plants
Baking & Pastry:
  • How to select Enzymes for flour treatment
  • Bakery product consumption trends in the region
  • Different improvers and their effect on baking
  • Celiac disease and gluten-free diet
Feed Milling:
  • Developments and Trends in the poultry feed Industry
  • UAE Poultry Industry status and Vision for the year 2017-2018
  • Corn Fibre diets in Poultry / Animal Feed Industry
  • Beneficial effects of Phytogenics in Animal Nutrition
  • Principles of Feed manufacturing & Processing
  • Soya meal production: Present trends & other protein alternatives for Animal Feeds
  • Particle size reduction – The base for a successful extrusion process
  • Mixing – How to reach excellent homogeneity in a short time
  • Factors that affect pellet quality and Trouble shooting in the pelleting process
  • Role of Enzymes in Animal Nutrition
  • Mycotoxin Trends, Facts and its effects
  • Value of Raw material analysis by Rapid methods and analytical solutions for the feed Industry
  • Applications of Renewable energy in Poultry Industry
  • Nutritional management of stresses in Poultry production
  • Low density poultry diets
  • Feeding schedules of Broiler feeds in the poultry
  • Feed mycotoxins can cause decreased vaccine efficiency
  • Intestinal Integrity – Importance and Economical impacts
What’s New Milling Technology:
New milling technology, product or service recently launched in the market (12 months or less) or has yet to be launched.
  • Silo temperature measurement and control systems
  • Whole grain quality analysis
  • Maize milling new technology
  • Mycotoxins in milling – specification, detection and removal
  • Non-wheat grain milling technology
  • Functionality of dough
  • Optimizing diagrams to produce the best flour quality
  • Wheat milling new technologies
  • Optical sorting equipment
  • Developments in automation and control systems
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Optimized treatment and handling of return flour
  • Plant hygiene, mill pest control & fumigation using gases and heat
  • Developments in fluting & roll frosting systems
  • Developments in whole wheat products, pasta & couscous production, and instant noodle technology
  • Social media applications in milling
  • Food safety and sanitation
Grain Commodities Trade & Finance:
  • Analysis of developments affecting world trade in grains
  • World production, consumption and market outlooks
  • Guidelines in drafting milling contracts
  • Finance facilities and banking solutions (commodity trade finance, storage finance, export pre-payment and pre-export finance structures, etc.)
  • Insurance policy and risk management (trade credit insurance)
  • Growing investment and consumption needs in emerging countries
  • Development in free trade policies


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