IAOM MEA 2022 Zanzibar - Conference Chairman

Mounir Bakhressa

Managing Director / CEO – Bakhresa Grain Milling Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe and South Africa

Welcome Speech

Ali Habaj

Regional Director, IAOM MEA

IAOM MEA 2022 Regional Leader Awardee

Osama Daoud Abdellatif

Chairman, DAL Group

Master of Ceremonies

Meena Ally

TV & Radio Presenter


Moderator of Panels Discussions

Dan Basse

President & Founder, AgResource Co. (USA)

Wheat Caught in the Geopolitical Crosshairs of the Black Sea and World Food Inflation; What is Next?


Jean-Francois Lepy

Soufflet Négoce by Invivo (France)


Andreas Rickmers

Ameropa AG (Switzerland)

Senior Marketing Manager – Grains

Reinier van Hanswijck

Viterra (Netherlands)

Senior Manager

Rowan Barbeau

Bunge (South Africa)

Harvesting Wheat Market Volatility – The Buying Habits of Successful Millers

Vice President of Overseas Operations

Michael Spier

US Wheat Associates, Inc. (USA)

Founder & Managing Director

Christopher Whitwell

Basis Commodities Group (Australia)

Procurement Director - Commodities

Dr. Evgeniya Dudinova

Agthia Group (UAE)

Head of Grains

Indrek Aigro

Copenhagen Merchants (Denmark)

Senior Merchant

Sébastien Thilmany

The Andersons (Switzerland)

Middle East and East African Wheat Market Outlook; Demand Growth meets tightening Global Exporter Supplies


Mounir Bakhressa

Managing Director / CEO – Bakhresa Grain Milling (Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe and South Africa)


James Wild

Director, Wild Agri DMCC (UAE)


Ibrahim Al-Hazaa

Executive Director, Al-Hazaa Investment Group (Jordan)


Jeffrey McPike

Broker/Analyst, WASEDA Commodities, Inc. (USA)


Baltic Sea Market Outlook

Swithun Still

Commercial Director, Harvest Commodities (Switzerland)

French Market Outlook

Roland Guiragossian

Algeria & Middle East Manager, Intercereales (France)

US Market Outlook

Ian Flagg

Regional Vice President, US Wheat Associates, Inc. (Netherlands)

Australian Market Outlook

Luke Joseph

Account Manager Middle East & Africa, Cargill International (Switzerland)

Black Sea Market Outlook

Indrek Aigro

Head of Grains, Copenhagen Merchants (Denmark)

Canadian Wheat Market Outlook

Matt Bingham

Senior Trader, G3 (Canada)


Instant Noodle Process & Technology Innovation

Francis Mbaki

Country Manager, Bühler (Kenya)

Helping Millers to use Local Grains during Volatile Wheat Markets – Welcome to Composite Flour

Sven Mattutat

Head of Product Management, Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

From Pulses to Burger Pulses in the alternative Protein Space

Ankit Sharma

Business Development and Relations, Bühler (Kenya)

Controlling Insect Damage in Dry-Food Storage

Michael Kelly

Director, K-D Publications (United Kingdom)


New Insights into Quality Control of Wheat and Starch

Markus Loens

Business Development Manager, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Ɪ4 Next Generation Milling Systems


Area Sales Manager – Africa, Alapala (Turkey)

Arrakis Roller Mill – The Successor of a Milling Icon

André Kunadt

Head of Technology, Bühler (Switzerland)

New Pasta Process Technologies generate added value to Product Quality and much more

Renato Dall’agata

Technical Director / CTO, FAVA S.p.A. (Italy)

Food Security in MENA region, Right Strategy for Safe Storage

Dr. Khaled Raed

CEO, PETKUS MENA / Chief Innovation Officer, PETKUS Technologie GmbH (Germany)

A processing line to remove Mycotoxins – TOXI-SCRUB®

Peer Hansen

Biochemist, Eye-Grain Aps (Denmark)

Smart Sensor Technology in Maize Milling increase Product Quality, Profitability and Transparency throughout your Mill

Mike Muriithi

Automation Service Engineer, Bühler (Kenya)

Vitaris - Modular Cleaning System

André Kunadt

Head of Technology, Bühler (Switzerland)

Long Spaghetti Line - Multi Drive Technology

Pietro Maggio

Head of Sales, GEA Pasta Extrusion and Milling (UAE)

How we combine Open Mouth Bags with Valve Bag Filling

Ali Khechen

Sales Engineer, BEHN + BATES (Germany)

MultiGrain – Multi Grain Grinding Solution through AlPesa Solution to transform Local Grains into Staple Food

Patrick Mwitia

Country Manager, Bühler (Kenya)

Analytical Characterization and Lab-scale Processing of Gluten Free Raw Materials

Markus Loens

Business Development Manager, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Reinventing the Mill

Mehrtash Ahsan Ghaziani

Regional Manager, Omas Srl (Italy)

The Digital Evolution in Pasta Production

Francis Mbaki

Country Manager, Bühler (Kenya)

Different Improvers and their effect on Baking

Pierre-Edouard Molina

Managing Director, EUROGERM (France)

Improving the Gluten Quality with Enzymes

Pinar Erdal

Head of R&D/Technical Sales, Mirpain Food Ingredients (Turkey)

Millers Challenges - How to manage higher Wheat Prices – Sustainably

Eric Nyoro Muraguri

General Manager, Bakels Group (Switzerland)

Solutions for the correction and standardization of 100% Soft Wheat and Composite Flour

Asanda Hewana

Research & Development Manager, AIT Ingredients (South Africa)