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Founded in 1896, The International Association of Operative Millers is an international organization comprised of flour millers, cereal grain and seed processors and allied trades representatives and companies devoted to the advancement of technology in the flour milling, cereal grain and seed processing industries.

Among its members, IAOM promotes a spirit of fellowship and cooperation, enhances their proficiency, and advances their interests in industry activities. With 16 districts around the world, the IAOM provides an international forum for networking; the exchange of ideas, technical and educational opportunities; and the discovery of new products and services.

Association Logos from 1896 to the Present:

IAOM Association Logos
Fraternity of Operative Millers of America 1896
IAOM Association Logos
Association of
Operative Millers 1919
IAOM Association Logos
Association of
Operative Millers 1919
IAOM Association Logos
International Association of
Operative Millers 2003

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Important dates in IAOM History

  1. 1895

    Benjamin W. Dedrick writes to the American Miller suggesting the formation of an operative millers’ association.

  2. 1896

    The Fraternity of Operative Millers of America (FOMA) is established on January 20, with Benjamin W. Dedrick as president.

  3. 1896

    First annual meeting of the FOMA takes place in Chicago, and Dedrick is unanimously re-elected as president.

  4. 1904

    The insurance program for members is finalized, including coverage for sickness, accident, death & dismemberment.

  5. 1919

    After nearly 25 years of existence, the FOMA is reorganized as the Association of Operative Millers (AOM).

  6. 1945

    Annual conference canceled due to WWII concerns for group travel and mass meetings.

  7. 1946

    Golden Anniversary of the AOM is celebrated at 50th international conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

  8. 1947

    Arrangements made for AOM to take control of “Dunwoody Correspondence Course in Practical Milling.”

  9. 1952

    All Districts are instructed to assume a descriptive name to go with numerical identification.

  10. 1962

    First AOM “Gold Medal” awarded to Dr. John A. Shellenberger of Kansas State University.

  11. 1963

    Cereal Millers Handbook is copyrighted.

  12. 1970

    Diamond Anniversary of the AOM is celebrated at 74th international conference in Minnesota, USA.

  13. 1973

    First AOM “Donald S. Eber Award” presented to Roy F. Kehr of Kressilk Products, Inc.

  14. 1975

    AOM Latin America District is founded; plans first meeting for 1976 Annual Conference.

  15. 1976

    First AOM “Geo. B. Wagner Memorial Award” presented to Prof. Donald A. Wilbur, Sr., of Kansas State University.

  16. 1984

    First AOM “Allied Trades Technology Award” presented to Jack Kice of Kice Metal Products Co.

  17. 1986

    First “Milling Operative of the Year” award presented to Jerry D. Kuhn of White Lily Foods Co. by Sosland Publishing Co.

  18. 1988

    AOM holds its first East Africa District conference

  19. 1989

    IAOM Mideast & East Africa District is founded

  20. 1992

    AOM headquarters office is relocated outside of Kansas City, Missouri, to the suburb of Leawood, Kansas.

  21. 1994

    Districts discontinue using numerical identification, and the Gateway District is merged with the Central and Ohio Valley Districts.

  22. 1996

    100th Anniversary of the AOM is celebrated at its 100th international conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

  23. 2003

    AOM adds “International” to its official name, becoming the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM)

  24. 2006

    IAOM holds the inaugural meeting of a proposed Eurasia District in Istanbul, Turkey.

  25. 2007

    IAOM Eurasia District is founded.

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